• Miels artisanaux de Marine et Antoine

Marine and Antoine

Son of a Gersois beekeeper, Antoine, grew up in a very special environment filled with bees and craftsmanship. He decided to perpetuate the family tradition and take on the heritage.

Protector and great admirer of his terroir, his roots and the Gers,
“ La Petite Toscane ”, holds a great assembly of bee colonies.

Passionate and very sensitive to nature, Antoine, embarked on this “ incredible “ life-long journey to bring support and care to worker bees to produce monofloral honeys of incomparable purity !

Antoine is a great perfectionist. Fully devoted to his bees, he makes sure that everything is done to ensure their well-being. His wife, Marine, fell in love with this culture, this family tradition of father and son heritage and transmission. She is the designer of the packaging offering a product underlining the sophistication and the quality of the product.

“ I wanted to show that each of the honey pots were as delicate and elegant as the exceptional work done by our bees ”.

These hardworking worker bees have the incredible capacity of organizing colonies that captivate us a little more every day through their complexity. Their distinct instinct drives them to organize the inside of their beehives following a hexagonal shape perfectly adapted to their work and production. Marine and Antoine are tackling this challenge of beekeeping with great success and amid a densely-populated market, they are tackling the commercialization of a honey of quality that is worthy of the finest connoisseurs of French honey. They target excellence and set quality above quantity.

« We work in total respect of our environment and of our bees. Our bees undergo no transformation whatsoever and originate directly from the beehive. »

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