• fleurs du gers butiné par les abeilles pour un miel unique

The Path to Honey


Looking for the promised land

To guarantee the procurement of an incontestably pure monofloral honey, Antoine must define the locations where the needed flowers grow best.
He therefore roams around the Gers looking for the most beautiful rapeseed or sunflower fields, he explores the Gironde looking for the Acacia flower and he adventures himself in the most sublime Dordonian forests for the chestnut tree.

In these unique and pristine areas, Antoine moves around his beehives, close to these flowers, that will transmit their rich flavours to the honeys. This operation requires great delicacy and is called the “ Transhumance ”.
It requires a nocturnal action in order not to awaken the bees.

On the Trail to the Yellow Gold

A very attentive accompaniment is necessary for the well-being of these worker bees. This guarantees a pure and irreproachable harvest each time. The exploitation requires a regular presence to follow and accompany the cadence of production. Each visit is a new promise of fruitfulness! Antoine is constantly watching out for his worker bees.


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